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a combination of the words sick and fantastic
"yoh, that band was sick."
"nawh man, they were sicktastic."
by JENNA+LARISSA July 31, 2008
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describes something that is or was amazing and/or crazy or just sraight up unbelievable
"The Dark Knight was such a sick-tastic movie"
by D. Harris October 08, 2008
Sick and fantastic
That shirt is sicktastic.
by EJLSKf aenidk April 14, 2011
a)to be incredible at; adjective
b) can be used to emphesise

synnonym with pimpin richeous
a) dude your cab 9 was sicktastic

b) man hes got some sicktastic style
by Anton Anger April 16, 2006
awesome; a mix of sick and fantastic
Your tie dye shirt is so sicktastic!
by Blueberryberg April 14, 2011
To b very good in a sport,game, etc
Dawg u cant c me in b-ball im sicktastic
by J August 15, 2004

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