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the conversion of your couch into an area that you can relax on while you are sick. you must put a blanket down under you and a blanket over you. usually a sick couch is near or facing a tv. see coalie from the real world denver for more information.
"what can we do to make her feel at home while she is sick?"
"make her a sick couch"


"I am not feeling well today. I am going to make a sick couch."
by Jennifer Goldberg March 25, 2007
A couch that a sick person lays on until they feel better. Healthy individuals must find somewhere else to sit, as a sick couch is reserved for a sick person. To convert a couch to a sick couch, add a blanket and bed pillow. A sick couch should be within reach to a table that holds some or all of the following items: tissues, ginger ale, pain reliever, chicken noodle soup.
I'll be on the sick couch for the rest of the night.
by sick girl2 February 28, 2011