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A person who is home-schooled (or home-educated). They are so named because they do not go to school, much like the children of the past who worked in the coal mines.
Do you still skate on Fridays with your coalie friends?
by Markus McParkus September 09, 2005

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A person whose skin color is so black that they resemble a walking, talking (possibly soft-shoeing) piece of coal. He/she could stand in front of a black-painted wall and do a cheshire cat routine.
Yaphet Kotto: "My dear Wesley, you're looking quite black today."

Wesley Snipes: "Moi? Pish, tosh. You, my friend, are a block of solid carbon."

Sambo: "Y'all are coalies."
by Golda Meir June 26, 2007