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a mechanically inclined tattoo sporting leather jacket wearing rebel. in other words a greaser. the term comes from a song of the same name by social distortion.
mike ness is a sick boy, joel madden is not.
by sick girl July 20, 2004
-A name used to describe a person who is a hardcore drug addict, usually a user of heroin or cocaine. Popular in the 70's and 80's.

-A character in the film "Trainspotting"
Sick Boy and I are gonna do some hits tonight. Wanna join us?
a term used in the 80s hardcore punk scene for junkies who were going through withdrawls which made them sick. Heroin was very prevalent in that scene. It's a term referring someone who is dopesick and nothing else.
Did you see that sick boy puking his guts out, someone should get the poor dude a fix.
by acidhead420 August 09, 2008
a mixture between a "greaser" (a street gang memeber from mid 1900's) and a punker, who is, more likly then not, popular.
He's a such a sickboy.
by kITII June 07, 2007
a pyscho sickboy who's sound as and doesnt pretend to be a badman he already is and tends to just chill and live life to the max

girl - oh see dat lad?
boy - yeah

girl - he's a propa sickboy no man messes with him or he's fam
by rach&sickboyarethebest January 19, 2011
The good looking guy from Trainspotting who also plays Zero Cool, Dade Murphy, and Crash Override in Hackers!

A bunch of my friends idol.
All my friends wish they could be sexy heroin addicts like Sick Boy.
by ISuckDick4Dope February 24, 2005
a self-destructive, drug-addled, egomaniacal rocker a la iggy pop, circa 1973.
Sick boy, sick boy fading out, learning to be cruel, come on baby take me, lemme loose on you....
by yoru88 August 24, 2007