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8 definitions by Avery

A poon, a vagina, meat curtains, etc.
So, I was in the vinegar strokes with the village cockwash, really sticking it to her pink, velvet sausage-wallet, when some quumfer of a pod-nodger hailed me on the telephone!
by Avery December 23, 2003
A woman's vagina
Alot like Puntang
or punany
Jay:Man Katie's Pootietang was soo tight and pink.

by Avery June 27, 2004
A North American Re-noun sniper artist, for online games. Be very aware of his presence, for when you see him. It will be to late.
See Meeny? Now you dont. *Ting*
by Avery April 18, 2004
to stick thumb or hand up someones cheese hole....usually with there pants on ...not literaly in the hole....
Man i burgled the hell outa her and made her scream...her butt cheeks were clenched so tight.
by Avery December 05, 2003
a left turn
Hey man, pull a louie at the next intersection.
by Avery November 27, 2003
a person with ugly feet.
man, that bitch is a voigt.
by avery May 15, 2004
a right turn
Dude, hang a rookie at the next light!
by Avery November 27, 2003