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A Missourian "village" with less than 2 entire people living there. Sibley consists of:

An orchard
A power plant
Fort Osage
Ex-fire department
Post Office
Water department
Ex-honey bee farm
~300 people.

The "best" place in the world to live.

Situated 3 miles away from the hip and happening town of Buckner (they have an entire 2,000 people!)

Gotta love Missouri. MO. .. .. Missouruh. Never come here, please.
*Picks up phone to call and ask for directions*
"How do you get there?"
"Well, you're gonna go north by some orchard *notices HUGE FUCKING SIGN ABOUT ORCHARD 2 miles north* .. then turn right and right again by "the big yellow building" <--- this is proof that you've entered Hicksville. People here don't use street names, they use "the yellow building."
"So, how's Sibley?"
"Fucking sucks."
by Jeremy S July 24, 2006
12 18

1. Technical term used to describe an especially attractive alpha of the species. Commonly used in chat rooms.

2. Colloquial for a statement that makes one appear as an attractive alpha of the species. Frequently, it is used as a double-meaning replacement for another common word in the sentence.
"You're sibley the best!" "I believe that makes her sibley irresistible."
by The Springtime Front February 04, 2010
19 5
adj. whose sole action in life is to irritate/bother/annoy/piss off/send others into a homicidal frenzy. Has the power to annoy inanimate objects.

2.derogatory term for an extremely effeminate male, especially one working in Computing Services.
"Dude, stop being such a sibley, you're really pissing me off!"

"Look at that sibley--he sure is girly."
by The Caring Souls June 09, 2004
24 39