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A common persian name. A hero in shahname, a famous persian literature.

Also, known as a man of high smacking qualities.
Slang: new age siamak's are well known hacker smackers

A hot girl walks by...
Siamak: girl come here let me smack that ass.
Girl: Get lost smacker.

In farsi:
Jigare khoshgel rad mishe...
Siamak: jigar biya inja, bezaname dar koonet.
Jigar: Boro gomsho martikeye kotaki.

by kabab January 17, 2008
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a slang term meaning "to reek of shit" or to be a "stanky hoe butt"
"that bum on the corner was straight up Siamak"

" I loved an unclean woman once and her cooch was Siamak something fierce"
by Dave Lombardo June 14, 2009

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