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1. a cool/excited way of saying "yeah!" or "of course!" short for "shit yeah"

2. can also be used in a sarcastic way, as used in the movie 'Waynes World'
1. "You goin' to Mike's party?" "SHYEAH!... I can't wait!"

2. "You goin' to Mike's party?" "shyeah, right... and later on, monkies might fly outa my butt"
by Dan January 21, 2004
Contraction of the affirmative expletive phrase "shit yeah". Used to avoid saying a curse word in social situations where vulgarity might be frowned upon or in casual speech to shorten the phrase. Pronounced with the second syllable rising higher in pitch than the first.
Example 1:
Since this is a holiday weekend, should we close the office at 3pm today?


Example 2:
Do you want to ditch these losers and go get a burrito?

by Nathan Ebenroth March 22, 2008
A combination of "shit" and "yeah." Commonly used with the phrase "Aw." Usually said when expressing great joy towards another statement.
Troy: Dude, Tara just got Xbox Live!
Nathan: Awwwwww shyeahhh!
by Doctar Sadlar February 03, 2010
A combination of shit, and yeah. An exclamation implying that someone or something is right.
"Did you go into the city yesterday?"
by Jayus September 20, 2005
saying shit without actually saying shit.
"Dude this is awesome
by Raby January 12, 2004
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