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A word used to describe people of african background, similar to mool.
That shwug used to be a slave.
by dunny April 23, 2003
A person of African descent.
"Help! That shwug just stole my car!"
"The big shwug that hangs out by the liquor store on Martin Luther King sells the bomb shit."
"There sure are a lot of shwugs in the U.S. penal system."
by LoCoX October 26, 2007
a type of marijuana that is chronic yet also shwag
also known as mids or shitty chronic with beaners, but a lot better than shwag.
by BobZzZ August 03, 2005
An unfortnutate event or thought. Word that describes a shitty situation.
"Thats shwug, my sack is a gram short"

"Shwug, I have to work late"
by Justin H June 16, 2006

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