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8 definitions by dunny

Somone of the negro race, usually used as a derogatory term, similar to shwug and coon.
Whip that mool slave!
by dunny April 23, 2003
A word used to describe people of african background, similar to mool.
That shwug used to be a slave.
by dunny April 23, 2003
Small change
"Don't gimme that shrapnel boy, just rolls of fifties"
by Dunny June 03, 2003
An underage club and a center of the Hockessin wigger community. A lethal trap for the unsuspecting nonwigger.
"Yo, I got in a knifefight at Mystique the other day. I wasn't havin that shit, so straight busted a gat on the fool"-Probably said by a white person.
by Dunny March 02, 2005
like to fight one on one, but can't count, so twelve normally means one 2 them
pikey:i'm gonna knock you out
me/you:oh yeah?
me/you:please dont
by dunny June 16, 2003
Obi wan-Kenobi away from base
When I was there I did the pikey bit and lived in a caravan on a nearby farm
by Dunny October 04, 2004
A person of Arabian ethnicity.
Most cab drivers in NYC are bungies.
by dunny April 23, 2003