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a shwoog is a nigger. it just means nigger. It is meant as a racial slur. It means a dirty ass stupid ignorant nigger...
I shot a nigger in the head.
I shot a Shwoog in the head.....
by juice mcgavin January 29, 2005
A derogatory word for a black person who looks and acts in a stereotypically ghetto manner. i.e. ebonics speech, tattoos, hip-hop clothing, criminal activity, etc.
The Denver Nuggets basketball team consists of many shwoogs.
by Shwoogstock June 02, 2009
A shwoog is another name for a black person/nigga.
Here comes t3h african americans.
Here comes the damn shwoogs.
by [CK] April 27, 2007
A Shwoog is another name for a nigger. Ya know, the people we whites don't like. Originated in Chichester High School.
"Dude, look at that big ass shwoog"

"This shwoog smells like the inside of my asshole"
by I Sent Rosa Parks to Jail January 24, 2012
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