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To ask "what???" or "sorry???"
Person A: Do you play soccer?
Person B: Shweh? I didn't hear you.
Person A: Whatever, Ken. You got bwabs!
by uH. October 18, 2003
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The "everything" word, a word used to fill in many missing gaps in any conversation, also can be changed into many forms (i.e. shwoh, shwing,shwep etc.)
hey dud I went to that...that... shweh place yesterday, twas awsome!
Really? well shwiggidy shweh on you!
by Ivan April 11, 2005
A word used in the Boondish faith to affirm a prayer. Comparable to "Amen" in most Christian prayer.
Also used as a general affirmation in common speech.
Dude 1: Dude I fucking love this pizza!
Dude 2: I'll give that a shweh!
by Fhedorahman August 20, 2011

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