another meaning for "no way" or "are u serious?"
"John really really likes you"
"Shut up!"

"Mary is in the hospital."
"Shut up!"
by offlecute5 June 16, 2005
I Love You
Shut Up,
I Love You Too
by I Love You Becka March 01, 2009
An awesome song by Blink-182. Seriously it's one of their best songs. "Shut the fuck up she said, I'm going fucking deaf," yes yes, a very good song.
I listened to Shutup for three hours last night
by Maya January 19, 2005
to tell somebody that they do not know what they are talking about or are just plain irritating
Jord: "I like The Beatles"
James: "I know!!! Shut up Jord!!!"
Tom: " Yeah Jord, shut up!!!" *Tom slaps Jord round the back of the head*
by James Stone December 03, 2006

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