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Shukuchi, "reduced earth" symbolizing that it is nearly impossible to see, and SURPASSES god-like speed. Used by Seta Sojiro.
The Shukuchi of Sojiro is FASTER than Kenshin's god-like speed.
by Chibi-Tenken/Harusame December 31, 2003
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Seta Soujirou's most common technique. Means 'Reduced Earth', and comes from the way that the user seems to magically reduce the amount of space between himself and his opponent.
"Kenshin realizes it's the Shukuchi, a speed even faster than god like speed."
by Brann November 28, 2003
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"It truly deserves the title of Shukuchi"
by Seta Soujiro August 31, 2003
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