To "accidently" grab a large section of pubic hair while giving a hand job, to the point of drawing blood.
Man I was shugged so bad last night I was limping for two days
by rockofclay December 06, 2005
short for sugar, used to address young women in a playful manner.
1."hey shug, what's goin down tonight? you rollin' with your other birds?"

2."i just got freaky with my shug.."
by strazocaster April 04, 2009
a term of endearment for your significant other.
i love you times infinity shugs.
by dildo daggins December 03, 2007
Sex, shag, and a hug all in one. <3
"Hello, let's shug!"
"Want to shug?"
by Kuriboh December 14, 2013
Abbreviation for sugar. Also a name.
Used in the Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker.
Here be Shug Avery. Old friend of the family.
by Reecee-Reece August 23, 2010
a shirtless hug. usually between two males. for most straight girls, it is unclear whether it is a sexually arousing act or more a calming, comforting, cute thing.
"i'm hoping bryan will shug john today. tho i'm not sure how i'll react," said shilpa.
by FartsMcGee3 May 06, 2010
The Scots form of the name "Hugh", or the surname "Hughes"
Fit like, shug? Wan tae gang doon the toon the nicht?

How are you doing, Hugh/Mr Hughes? Are you perchance going to travel into the city centre this fine evening?
by Hanii Puppy July 26, 2010
The act of hitting the back of someone's knees in an attempt to throw them down. Usually done as a prank
I shugged her and her knee's buckled and she fell to the floor
related words knees, buckled, trip, fall, prank
Misspellings shaug, shugg
by Tisha R-Trinidad December 13, 2010

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