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house party/ part or rave.
that subz was live/
i'm going out shubzin 2nite
by Anonymous October 11, 2003
a acceptable rave/party
are you going to the shubz tonight?
that shubz gonna b the bizzle
by Loloo February 27, 2006
A house party which is for teens to get linkin and windin and grindin!
R goin to dat chiks shubz tonight i heard i was gonna be live!
by xx.Lin[dah].xx August 11, 2007
Norf LoNDon ghetto slang 4 parteyyy!!!!
1)Cum gyals les go 2 da shubz
2) Dat shubz gonna b off da chain
by Steffi January 03, 2005
A Slang Word For Shops Used In Parts Of Stoke-On-Trent
"Yo Blud Where You Chillin 2nyt?"
"Dno Bruv Myt Go Shubz Init"
by Hankey September 21, 2007
Announce your presence or arrival!

what's up?!?!
shubz?! or shubz bitches?! or shubz bishes?! (plural) or shubz bish?! (singular)
by eleven32i March 13, 2004
ShubZ is like the greatest MOH player ever...
Man that guy is good!
by Alfred the Great December 24, 2004