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a name given by a drunk stupid charv to random cool people who absolutely rok and have the balls to offer them chips (they were carryin curry rice and chips nd pop but had 2 drop it eesh!!!)
Gay charv: "how yayz lot lyk how!!!"
Ell: "do u want a chip?"
Gay charv: "how shut up ya shtenka!"
Mark 2 cranky nd ell: "wtf shtenka suposd 2 mean???!!! lol"
(Ell waves - charv: "nar i dinnat even kna yay ya stupid shtenka!!!")
Ell: "my name is john!"
Gay charv: "how man ya a rite bunch ov shtenkas! here its luke luke, youz lot these r a ryt bunch ov shtenkas!" (shtenka suposd 2 b offensive in sum way!!!)

Charv crew cum rollin along nd jump cranky bunch ov pussys all ova shtenka, ell nd mark run 2 ells 4 help!!!!!! bet ther only embarasd bout ther shtenkiness!!! (cranky gt seriously beaten bt livd!!!!!!)we all lafd bout shtenkas stil!!!

Then we typed this up on shtenkiness cos we wnt 2 no wot it iz so now it has a meaning.

In conclusion, all charvs r a bunch ov shtenkas!!!!!!!!!!
by Ell, Mark nd Cranky April 28, 2006
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