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The act of sending a picture of yourself to an unknown bluetooth device, in the hope that the recipient is:
1} attractive
2) Attracted to you.
It is a contrast of being on a blind date.
Blue-toothing is generally used on trains and busses.
"I met bobby via blue-toothing"

"I heard about Blue-toothing in a magazine, and I decided to give it a try, and I sent that picture of me, you know the one where I'm wearing my nurses outfit?, I sent it to the guy with the bluetooth name <<xxJimmyxx>>, hoping it was the rather fitt guy who was sat infront of me on the bus... well it was. and we got talking... and OH MY GOD! {girlish rant about nothingness}
by Nitrosamine November 21, 2007
Someone who does something in which you don't know the name of.

"Stop being a falangerer"
by nitrosamine February 08, 2008
The approval of something.
may that be food, or a person's aesthetic values.

Tis a variation of the word yummyyum
Normally used by persons who use words like fuggle cuggle fughuggle yum yummy loveded

basically people who are childish, immature and FUN to be around
"Yumsh @ yer face"
by Nitrosamine November 21, 2007
Common word used by charvs to cause offence to the non-drunk non-slaggish youths of the north east area.

The real meaning is not known as it only applies to the scum that use it.

Like "Falangerer".... HAS MANY meanings but only applies to the person using it.
charv: How ye,. aye you ya fkn stenka (shtenka), giz a fkn snout how.
by nitrosamine February 08, 2008
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