Hot, with a hint of naughty, and an attitude to go with it. You'll never know what hit you.
I just cant get enough of her, that girl's one hell of a shruti!!
by Macsmack February 21, 2009
1)The power of hearing, according to sacred Indian texts.

2) The śruti ("thing heard", "sound"; written also sruti or shruti) is the smallest interval of the tuning system in Indian classical music.
eg: 2:1 is taken as distance between same Swar Shruti Sa to Sa wherein Sa is equivalent to Do of do, re, me.
by Shruts February 05, 2010
Slang for retardation, or little mental stability.
Dude, he just shot 4 people! What a shruti!
by Melvin Jackson February 16, 2009
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