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When a man sucks a woman's (sometimes a dominatrix's toes.
"Give me a shrimp job now, you hussy!"
by Doctress Julia June 30, 2005
36 18
Sexual act consisting of sucking someone's toes. Most often a man (with a foot fetish) gives a shrimp job to a woman, but any gender combination is possible. The term was used by John Waters in his early underground film Mondo Trasho. One who gives a shrimp job is a "shrimper", and the act is also called "shrimping."
"Look at that pedicure! I wanna give her a shrimp job!"
by LinguaManca October 06, 2009
23 6
When a woman sucks a mans toes
The man thought something good was gonna hapen but all he got from her was a shrimp job
by James March 10, 2003
11 12
Sexual Act where a man puts shrimp on his dick and does a bitch. He proceeds to fuck said bitch until the friction from said bitch's pussy actually cooks the shrimp. She then eats the shrimp from off of his dick, while he blows his load on her face.
Bubba gave hannah a major shrimp job last night!
by Kevin Baldwin January 15, 2010
20 35