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he's probably from india. his name is not shr(I) its shri sounds like.. shr(E) he has many friends shri's like to smoke. and make money, they are probably a gangster on the outside. but on the inside they are sweet. shri's are assholes and everyone knows it. but people will respect one. they are afraid of no one. they are sarcastic and rude. a shri will tell you what he thinks of you and if you dont like it he wont care. they are perverted and have a warped sence or sexual desires.
girl- hey shri i need a ride home can i get one?

shri- sure. but your going to have to walk half way then ill meet up with you.

girl- haha your funny byeee. =]]

friend- who is that?

shri- oh shes a hoe. don't worry about it. fat fuck..
by someone who knows a shri. October 08, 2008
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