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means well defined muscles especially in the arms and abs
man he must lift and run all day cuz hes shredded.
by DK September 23, 2004
to have acquired 6% body fat.
hey you're shredded (no homo)

hey you're 6% body fat (no homo)
by dat dere cell tech September 02, 2011
A verb: to do something amazing or to beat someone really bad in anything.
Dude, did you see me beat John in basketball 11 - 0? I SHREDDED him!!!
by Afrunk May 31, 2010
to be absurdly sore. total muscle melt down
James: God that workout blew.

David: Yeah, my legs are shredded.
by gottasweep July 02, 2010
A word coined by a group of teens in the Seattle area. It quickly caught on and now hundreds, maybe thousands of teens in the Washington area are now using the word in a variety of ways.

1) Something cool, to be envious of.

2) To be wasted, trashed, drunk...

3) To be high or tripping, especially on hallucinogenic drugs.
1) "That new t-shirt is so shredded, man!"

2) "Aw, man. You were so shredded last night! How you feeling this morning?"

3) "I'm shredding so hard right now!"
by art-freak17 August 17, 2009
An expression used to convay feelings of depression, grogginess, and/or hung over.
Man, i feel totally shredded
by Penstripe February 07, 2004
to be salted, or insulted
guy 1: man i have so many friends everone likes me

guy 2:huh? no nowon likes you, you have no freindss. do us all a favor and die.....shredded
by thecoolkidfromdownthestreet April 26, 2009