a girl that is up to no good; a whore or bustdown so to speak.
That shrag over there has been up and down the block with all those guys.
by mimibird November 10, 2009
Top Definition
A group of artists or people involved in artistic pursuits. Origins are sketchy, but one source claims that it is actually an acronym for a group of neo-dada visionaries called the Sussex Heights Roving Artists Group.
Russell and Helen formed a shrag in the early hours of Sunday morning, after the party goers had departed.
by James Entwhistle October 24, 2003
The crumby and leafy parts of a shit draw
theres too much shrag in this ting - I want buds!
by Wemzy July 12, 2011
The most awful bad word in the dictionary describing hate on a whole new level thus creating a huge fight or arguement
to make the other person feel horribly shitty and ruin his day if not his entire week.

Jess:you shrag

Alex: :0 Ill kill u

by Alex and Jess August 14, 2006
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