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A girl usually a scenester] who spends hours working on her hair, make up, and clothing selection to go to a hardcore show with her friends...purely to pick up on guys.
Ugh I hate showhoes...I'm so glad I'm not one of them.
OMGSHHH What if we see Jeffree Star at the Suicide Silence show?!?! I better start getting ready at 3...wouldn't want those scene boys to get lonely.
by i'vesceneitall May 06, 2006
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Slutty little girls that don't know/care anything about the music but go to shows to be "seen". Probably cause the guys are much hotter. And they're learning what's up.
a show hoe is the chick booty dancing at your local show while reppin her hannah montana attire.
by nolies___justlove September 15, 2008

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