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noun; half Canadian, half Mexican, he which inspires such rhymes as: "His name is shortyz, he's the best; all the deejays want to feel his breasts"
by anonymous May 27, 2003
14 3

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noun: a homosexual mexican that loves midgets to masturbate and ejaculate on his menudo.
shortyz was an abortion gone bad.
by the_one_who_owns_you May 29, 2003
11 5
an useless forum faggot who thinks he poses as some sort of significance. a cock bandit who doesn't have shit, doesn't know shit and is just a stupid spic.
<shortyz> pr7 is a 90-93 ls ecu
by anonymous May 28, 2003
7 4
anybody that loves da cock
shortyz: half mexican, half canadian, one hundred percent lover of da cock
by anonymous May 23, 2003
7 5