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slang for a difficult question or situation, implying that the question or situation is akin to having someone tugging on your pubic hairs
"How can you be the father???"

"That's a short and curly."
by dnaurban May 25, 2008
Your pubes.
I have crabs in my short and curlies! They are making my taint itch.
by T May 25, 2004
Another word used for pubic hair.
Her skirt is so short I can see the "Short and Curly"
by Buck_nekid March 16, 2006
noun. - A hair folicle which is most noticably not from a chin or human scalp due to its distinct shortness and curl.
Johnny, you didn't clean the bathroom. I found a few short and curlies on the toilet seat.
by Oak1eyman June 04, 2004
Something women do to their hair to make them unattractive to men.
I decided that I never wanted to get laid again, so I decided to go short and curly. I'm thinking about chopping off my breasts next.
by Mikeyman3938 March 10, 2010