the primary mode of transportation for the "special". basically a regular bus, but shorter.
the shorter the bus, the more "special" the riders.
some regular riders can identify their short bus by its smell
by northendwhitetrash November 25, 2007
People who take this don't know enough to spell it short bus
<user1> ... and mikey is so dumb he rides the shortbus to school
<user2> "Short bus" is two words, sparky
by Sleazy D July 25, 2007
A school bus which is often used to transport handicapped students. I used to ride the short bus, but it was just a regular bus which happened to be around half the length of all the rest of the buses; not specially designed for the handicapped.
AJ enjoyed doing annoying things while we rode the short bus.
by 010101010101010001011101 March 08, 2005
1. A bus which is, relative to what is considered a conventional bus, smaller.

2. Used disparaginly, a bus of the variety used to transport children that is commonly held to be for people of significantly lesser intelligence or those of the "special education" classification.
You won't understand this fundamental postulate of Quantum Mechanics if you continue riding the short bus.

by Aaron May 30, 2003
Smaller than average bus used to carry mentally disabled students also known as a "Tart-cart"
If your mother says your "special" you probably ride the short bus.
by Cory Skates June 10, 2005
1) An individual whose sexual performance does not meet desired time length standards
2) In fact, reaches minimal time length standards
3) Like, you leave asking questions like, "No seriously, are we done?"

*Note* Does not necessarily imply that the size of the male in question is not satisfactory. A short bus can be big, but it's still short.
1. "Hey dude, how was the ride on the short bus?" "Short."

2. "Did you take a ride on the short bus?" "Yeah, it already came and left."

3. "Hey so I was thinking about banging this guy" "No dude, you do not want to take a ride on THAT short bus."
by ASK.UVIC January 19, 2011
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