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to kill time talkin about nothing, or to spit game to a girl but to the point where theyre tryna do it descretely
"ya boys quit shoo shooin n lets go get this money"

"man, that nigga shoo shooin on the phone wit that hoe"
by SOP ConFident August 25, 2009
crazy talk
Father Mackin asked me how I liked the light show, and I was all, "Stop talkin' shoo shoo!"
by Quinn the Eskimo February 03, 2003
Has a number of uses, but most commonly used as a nice way to say "shit". Also can be used as a pet-name for a lover...
OMG- I hate subway their sandwhiches taste like ShooShoo.

Hey Shoo, wanna go out tonite?

by Maxnizzle October 24, 2006

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