Someone who describes themselves as a "foodie" while really just having a fondness for chain restaurants.
Shoney's over there is excited about the buffalo wings at Claimjumpers but is critical that they do not carry totchos as well.
by the spicy taco September 02, 2009
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a nasty resturant chain, that will be found along interstates for the most part. they even had a motel called the shoneys inn but went out of business, due to lack of business.
darnell: hey whats going on caroline, pullover to that shoney's and lets get the 2 for $10.99 meals.
rosa: why dont we just head to denny's a mile down and get there meals for the same price.
darnell: but ugh where black, they wont serve us right away
rosa: id rather wait for some denny's food then eat at that shit hole shoneys
by joshua001 March 06, 2007
The term SHONEY is short for "IS SHE A SHONEY?"

A question/phrase that is often used amongst the male gender for slyly asking one-another whether the member of opposite sex within the vicinity is a honey or not.

The term can also be used as a statement of acknowledgement once all parties agree she is a honey. "SHONEY!"
Tommy: Hey James, over there... SHONEY?

James: Yup... SHONEY!
by TSESQ January 16, 2014
Slang term related to the Fort Worth area, meaning a hot girl that's slutty.
"Damn son, go hit it with that shoney over there"

"Waddup shoney?"
by Cari W July 20, 2008
a small mole like creature with a tiny pecker and over sized testicles, likes neck tikka and skin curry.
look over there, theres a shoney
by natalie brown October 13, 2003

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