the person who is always the most drunk at the parties. Breaks everything, and yells obscenities till the early hours of the morning. Extremely racist and politically incorrect in all walks of life. KNown for throwing objects through windows
(hungover guy walks into house)

hungover guy: what the fuck happened?
everyone in the room: SHOLES
by hely January 13, 2006
Top Definition
"I shole wouldnt mind tappin' that ass"
by Yannick Noah July 05, 2003
Slang shortened term for an asshole. Rhymes with "coal", but with an "sh" on the beginning... the proper spelling of the word includes the apostrophe. It is used as an improper noun.
Just another group of 'sholes, hanging around the mall on a Saturday night...
by Kirk Bradford Myers August 03, 2006
a universal word that means anything you want, but it usually has a negative connotation.; most usually used for a description of something nasty or disgusting. (verb, noun, adj, adv)
Munchie's nose is shole, it looks like someone pressed it against his face with a spatula.
by Jacob F. <3 June 15, 2009
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