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a) A middle aged male failure who sells women's shoes and supports a family via a minimum wage income.

b) A man who frequently reminisces about his high school rectitude or notoriety.
Al Bundy is a shoeman.
by Patrick Kelleher April 09, 2004
God of socom, he is a leader and people follow him, people love him for his cock and wish to pound him in his ass, though he will not allow it you gay homo
That shoeman, is a person.
by shoeman March 20, 2003
a rod master, one with pole chugging expertise and a keen sense of parachuting. A shoeman has bed gymnastic abilities comprabable only to a moccasin or a tiny.
if only shoeman were here, he'd glue my mums eyes shut. Fucking Shoeman, hes the best and not gay.
#shoeman #moccasin #tiny #smith #rooty
by potter the govna' October 11, 2007
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