to suprise someone with anal sex
oh shock! i've been logged, shocklogged!
by gaya April 17, 2007
Top Definition
Taking such a large sh*t that your shocked to see the large log sitting there in the toilet bowl.
"Yo Dan I just left the biggest shocklog in your moms bathroom, I'm surprised it came out."
by Hey-Zues April 01, 2007
A mind bogglingly large turd that has become wedged in the toilet pan and can only be shifted by a bomb disposal squad and navy divers
"Holy shit look at the size of that shocklog!"
by Burt Beer March 29, 2007
A weblog intended to shock. The term was coined to describe a number of Dutch websites that have specialized in presenting shocking, irritating or "irresponsible" material. Shocklogs have become enormously popular in the Netherlands.
In 2006 the shocklog Geenstijl published confidential information on Ernst Wesselius, a member of the justice department in the Netherlands Antilles, along with his erotic writings.
by Handy Fuse March 19, 2007
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