Any radio personality who seeks to increase fame and audience size by sole virtue of acts or speeches aimed to cause public outcry.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
Top Definition
A Disc Jockey for a radio station who specializes in shocking, disturbing, and disgusting radio bits. Popular examples include Opie & Anthony and of course Howard Stern.
Howard Stern is the first shock jock, but he is sucky. Opie and Anthony are good shock jocks who got fired.
by boohiss August 18, 2003
A radio disc jockey who pushes the limit of accepted social behavior in the form of stunts or actions to boost radio station popularity
A shock jock prack called parents to tell them their son was dead.
by AquaJim August 19, 2003
A radio broadcaster that discusses subject matter and/or use language that can be considered controversial and/or offensive to one or more social groups soley in an effort to get a reaction from one or more social groups.
Many have called Howard Stern a shock jock due to his constant discussions about lesbians, sex, and other controversial topics.
by F Jackie August 19, 2003
A radio or television personality who lowers his content to the lowest common denominator ( gutter level ) for the sole purpose of insulting, exciting, or inflaming people for attention or ratings.
Howerd Stern is a no-talent shock jock who shouldn't be on air and taken seriously.
by -WOODY- August 17, 2003
Radio personality used to make the masses feel better about themselves.
"If this shock jock has a show than I must be a friggin genius!"
by Dave-O August 19, 2003
An opinionated person who hosts a radio show, usually a talk show, who has wild views and shocks the general listenership.
James Whale and Howard Stern are shock jocks
by Saucy August 17, 2003
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