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An expression that can be used to show despair or exitement based on the tone of voice. Often used manically.
Sara: I secretly took their lacrosse ball.

Nikki: Shnucka shnucka...
by Sara F. April 21, 2008
Close female friend. According to Digital Underground (ref: 'Good Thing We're Rappin') the phrase is derived from the expression "Nucka" meaning more than simply "my nigga", but transcending this plainly overused phrase to apply to those that are very close friends. The addition of an antecedent "Sh" changes the word to the feminine, meaning "She-Nucka".
What's up, Shnucka?
by Jackie The Mick October 16, 2010
Friend , G Thing , Drankin Patna or just a negro you like to "kick it with"(in white terms)
Best friend..more than a black and more than a nigga
Your closest thug
"Damn doo me and my shnucka Matty K was all on dat bitch"
by mTIZZEL April 18, 2005