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When one moves to kiss someone, yet rather than kissing, they sniff and nibble the part of skin that their lips come into contact with.
Plural: shibbs, shnibble
I want to shnibb you right now.
by LadyoftheLake August 14, 2011
Small amount of anything. Small amount of food, bowl, cigerette, ect. A person can be a shnibb as well. Predominatly used to decribe the roach of a cigerette and such. West Seattle term. Can also be used as a verb.
"can I have a drag of your cigerette?"

"I would let you, but all I have left is a shnibb."

"I don't want to finish this cigerette so I'm going to shnibb it."
by krissssay!! August 15, 2009
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