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a very large nose on a Jewish person
That guy has a shnaz as big as Toocan Sam
by Chris Tucker February 13, 2005
a word that can be replaced for any noun whatsoever, similar to stuff
"that's some cool shnaz"
"did you bring the shnaz?"
"that's just bull-shnaz"
by Colby D August 05, 2005
Yet another synonym for "Penis"
You can tell that's me in the video because of my large shnaz!
by Double D Surprise October 14, 2012
A word that you use in a tight situation. usually when you dont know what to do or just dont have anything better to say.
Friend: Oh man dude you just shot your foot with that shotgun!

Victim: Oh shnaz!
by josephus dianaphus August 09, 2008
the area of the female reproductive organ where sexual activity takes place. Also known as the Vagina
her shnaz had some weird kind of plutonium substance coming out of it.

i kicked her right in her shnaz

your shnaz stinks
by Eric I October 09, 2006