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A person who sniff's other people's bicycle seats. Normally implied as an insult.
Did you see that shnark? what a perv.
by TheJew72 October 09, 2004
an expression used mainly in frustration or annoyance. Can also be used after saying/doing something dumb, or when someone else says/does something dumb
ex1- i left my project in 2nd period...shnark!
ex2- i got an F? ahh shnark.
ex3- you locked your keys in your car? shnark, you're such a tard.
by Candy St. James October 25, 2004
Shnarkalepsi, being a shnark and justt shnarking all dayy, too stalk and obsess overr
shes tots shnarking all over you
by tepeegeggee April 03, 2011

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