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Basically the same thing as munging. But instead of jumping normally on the deceased corpse, the partner jumping must be a male. Here's why: He must get a big willy, then jump on the deceased corpse with his penis first, thus landing on the corpse with your penis. This must take a great amount of courage. And for the other partner, the partner must put a hose up the corpse's butt hole, and drink its fluids while pounding the stomach OR intestines with a hammer. Then when the other partner jumps, the hammered fluids and other body fluids all flow in. Win win situation for both the partners.

A person who does this is called a "Shmungler" and the act of doing it is called "Shmunging" just like the original version.
The shmungler pulled off a shmung on his unsuspecting girlfriend as body fluids poured and flowed everywhere.
by Nedreck Rillek November 19, 2007
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