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To travel in public with friends while doin some hoodrat shit.
Derived from the HBK gang
Often associated with those in California and the Shmop Boys of the HBK gang.
One level greater than mobbin'
Can also be used as an adjective to describe stuff.
Hey man, wanna shmop it Mc D's.
Bruh, I think I just saw your squad shmoppin it without you.
by Localuc October 20, 2014
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Is a mix of smacking and popping. Created by Kool John of HBK gang (music group).
"Im about to go to this party. I already know that its going to shmop!"
by E-Bo October 21, 2014
sick ass foo/fee


stupid bitch etc.
He tries to be like you , he is such a shmop.
by djdontknow June 29, 2012
1)When somebody gets their ass handed to them. Whether it involves fighting, playing sports, etc.

2)The art of losing BIG.
In the flag football game on Wednesday night, the Pilgrims Circa 1620 shmopped The Caucasion Invasion With An Asian.
by John Ratterman October 01, 2004

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