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the act in witch a man cums inside of a warm vagina, causing the cum to slowly drip out onto a black man's penis, while he is holding a gram-cracker under his penis. When all of the cum (semen retards) has dripped onto the black COCK the man will place another gram-cracker on top and have the person who's vagina was cummed on eat the "shmoorgasm"

remember not use a white COCK to avoid an unpleasant flavoring for the person who's vagina was cummed on.

8===================D <black cock note the small balls
randy: hurry up and cum already
shela: o yah give it to me ben dover
Ben: IM CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shela:alright randy im dripping
randy:i got the gram cracker biotch
(shela eats the shmoorgasm)
shela:oooooo yummy i love this shmoorgasm thank god bens white dick isnt in it
#sex #balls #docking #cum #cock #orgasm #ben dover #shmoorgasm
by jonnypencilpush April 09, 2010
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