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A shmooglie is a noun. Although it can be tossed around to replace a variety of different words, a 'shmooglie' is most often found in the mammalia kingdom. Most would not like to be called a 'shmooglie,' unless you are a femile-type-critter whose owner loves the woodlands. Shmooglie can be used in a creepy way if said in a creepy 'endearing' sort of voice. After cats, shmooglie can be used to refer to loved ones. It is synonymous with "dear" or "honey," yet it is a little more uncomfortable.

Other renditions: schmooglie, shmoogliemuffin
Bridgit: "Hi shmoogliemoooglieooliemuffinnn"
Cat: "Meow"

Bridgit: "sup, schmooglie" ;)
Jessica: "please don't call me that"
by a bbb April 05, 2011