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A word describing any noun, adjective, pronoun, or verb.
What the shmiz is wrong with the other tards definition of shmiz.
by likzit updass November 11, 2007
5 4
stupid. when you call something stupid.
people are so shmiz why cant they just shut the hell up
by samxdamn87 December 25, 2007
5 0
gay, for fags who dont think u should use gay as an insult
that shmiz teacher just failed me.

how shmiz is that kid who says shmiz instead of gay?
by sal 77 December 25, 2007
6 1
adj.: a word with the same meaning as "stupid", "gay", "fucked", etc., generally used by those who dont want to be prejudice to gays/lesbians, or are gay themselves

n.: used where many might say "fag" by those who do not want to be assumed anti-gay, or by those who are gay

v.: (to shmiz, shmizzing, shmizzed. also, shmizzle, shmizzling, shmizzled for 1st and 3rd meaning) the same meaning as "fucking" or "having sex" only referring to gay couples. also, giving a blow job (gay couples or straigh couples). third, used like "fuck" (as in the phrase "fuck you")
adj.: We had a pop quiz in science... how shmiz is that?
My mom was being all shmiz and got pissed off at me.
That party was so shmiz; the music sucked.
The shmizzing soda machine just ate my dollar!

n.: You're such a shmiz.
That shmiz was talking shit about me!

v.: Those two guys were shmizzing (or shmizzling) last night... ugh.
I heard they shmizzed the other night...
She shmizzed him?!
Shmiz you!
by someone December 13, 2004
8 8