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slang - A person who is single but is on the lookout for a new boyfriend/girlfriend by mingling.
Person 1: "so are you in a relationship?"
Person 2: "nope, i'm shmingle"
by T & T February 13, 2007
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The act of combining shmoozing and mingling at the same time.
Joe was such a social butterfly that he would attend any party or meeting he was invited to so as not to pass up on any opportunity to shmingle.
by sailingfool September 09, 2009
a fat whore who has shingles and small, hot boobs.
your mom is a shmingle.
by October 11, 2006
Shingles-struck Averill Park girls. Usually having delightfully small boobs with high kinetic energy.
"That Samantha girl is such a shmingle!"
by Kinkerbell & Klan October 13, 2006

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