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super cool, and drugged out. PROCRASTINATOR!!
OMG that girl is sooo shmems.
by Priscila Guzman January 17, 2008
a whore or slore in better terms. goes most of the way but then backs up. but she gives great advice and is super nice to everyone except for creeps. she loves attention especially from guys. and loves hugs too. her girlfriends are who she tells most of her shit too. and she hates clingly people who are stalkerish. she most likely has a boyfriend at all times and is pretty normal girl. she goes to a public school cuz she likes the attention it gets her from people. she is the most popular girl in school and everyone likes her.
what is shmem doing?
oh you dont know what that is?
shmem always does that.
by missylissy! January 10, 2011
a person who is the last one to dye their hair but still thinks she was the first one.
"I cannot believe that bitch just copied my hair...shes such a fucking shmem"
by emma paige sullivan January 21, 2009
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