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a brutal hockey player someone who is a duster or is really bad at hockey
Matt Glowa is a shmelt and never plays cause he sucks.
by Frank DiMaria November 14, 2007
A person who you find less popular, uncool, a noob or a loser.
Guy 1: Haha, look at Erick.
Guy 2: Yeah I know, he's such a shmelt.
by haha_you're_a_turtle December 22, 2008
Grade nines/freshman,
Friend 1 " dude look at all the shmelts!". Friend 2 " ha, they're so lame."
by just another shmelt September 11, 2011
A burning or melting accident in which a body part is singed, burnt or melted.

A sigh of pain. Usually spoken with a german infuence.
Oh god! My shlong has been shmelted

I just put my doodle on an oven hob and now its shmelt!
by Hiffhin November 07, 2007
Little girls that dont know their place in life
Alex is a shmelt. She need to learn her place in life.
by Bthompson8 October 23, 2009