(1) n. the first noise to come out of someone rudely awaken from a deep and/or drunken sleep.
(2) v. to drink into unconsciousness.
(3) n. what drunken conversation fades into as you start to pass out.
(4) syn. for 'yadda yadda', used to finish an incomplete thought in conversation.
(1) dude1 smacking dude2: "Dude wake up!"
dude2 mouth agape in deep slumber: "shmeh, shmehmeh, shmeh, huh?"
(2) "I went out last night, drank many captain&coke's and got all shmeh".
(3) "you are the most wicked hottest girl...eyes drooping, voice fading..so pretty...shmeh" narrator passes out
(4) "so then he got off, threw me a towel,... and shmeh"
by Amanda Hugginkiss December 09, 2003
Top Definition
a word which may be used to express a couple emotions or a level of understanding.
confused: shmeh?
indifferent: shmeh
frustrated: SHMEH!
by cobane May 09, 2003
A word, that is ominomipia, describing the apathic and basically BLAH feeling that you are... feeling.
"He was all, 'dude, what's your deal, are you like, sick or... SOMETHING??"

--"Ehhh Shmeh."
by ELLIE THE COOL ONE January 18, 2004
Used when you're too lazy to talk.
Hottest girl in school- "You up for a movie tonight"
You - "Shmeh.."
by Josh "shmeh" Eleven April 27, 2006
One word slang used to describe something as being barely average or so-so.
"Hey! How was the movie?"
by Carl 'The One' Grand July 25, 2003
1 (adj) a word describing one's mood or day. Usually somewhere between bad, sad, annoying, and bleh

2 (adj) a filler word
1 Shannon: Hey, how was your day?
Mark: Eh, it was shmeh

2. Jeff: Wanna go to the movie tonight?
Mariah: shmeh, I'm just not up for it tonight
by Storm Abernast April 09, 2009
Anything and everything you want, but depends on the emotion behind it.

1. Dude you're so SHMEH
by Nick Jamen October 05, 2007
Shmeh /sh-m-eh' /
1. I don't care
2. Whatever what-eva
3. Who cares
'You did something wrong'... 'shmeh'
'What did you do?'... 'shmeh'
by Meridion Sanguinus October 26, 2011
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