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when something is very fun. extremely crackin, hella cool
the function in richmond was SHMACKIN
by ecrizzel April 05, 2009
Popping pills, helluh on. When you're helluh high on pills, you keep saying "sh" everytime you use a word with "s" in it.
This Guy: Ey, you on pillz man?
Shmackin Shmark: Hell yaw, what's shmackin mang?
This Guy: LOL what's your name?
Shmackin Shmark: Shmackin Shmark mang. I put that on mamash mang.
by Shmackin Shmark December 18, 2009
When something is fun(like a party), to get something started(like a fight).
ex 1:"A yo cuz, that party was shmackin!!!"
ex 2:"It's about to be on and shmackin cuz, dat bitch keep talkin shit, i'm bout to crack her off top!"
by Kai'yonna December 29, 2005