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1. The sound Link's sword makes when darting the shield in the opening credits of "A Link to the Past" for Super Nintendo.

2. Otomatopia for any time a sword is inserted into an object.

3. For the dirty minded Zelda fans, when anything is inserted into something else.
1. do do do do do do do do do boo doo doo dah. SHLINK! Bum dum da daa! Bum dee dum dee dum daa! DAA DAA Daa Daa DAHHHH!!!

2. My sword doth shlink.

3. "Shlink" he said, smiling. "Zelda Perv." she said back.
by Megadecimal July 10, 2008
6 1
1) A shitty URL link. A URL link that takes you nowhere are somewhere you did not want to go.
I followed a link from Google News to Informationweek.com but it didn't take me to the article. It took me to the root of their page so I had to hunt down the article again. Then their javascript prevented my back button from returning to Google. I had to mash it to escape their page. It was fucking shlink.
by iateyourcat January 19, 2012
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Shit Licking Dink, someone who s a shitface, that likes licking dinks... dinks are fun, also known as ; cock, slong, weiner, johnson, peter, dick, tool, joystick, broomhandle, doodle, wood, pickle, rusty,tuba, and most commonly known as the PENIS...
"Laura you are such a shlink"
by Adrura February 27, 2008
2 9