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used by Spinner on Degrassi: TNG; means big deal or thing of importance. can be used loosely, it's not how you use it.. it's just a funny word.
Spinner: (hits Craig) Are you on crack?
Craig: Ow. What was that for?
Spinner: Dude, you got a girl pregnant, and you're just walking around like lalala, gonna be a dad, no shlaboggle.


I gotta wear this monkey suit cause my parents are dragging me to some work shlaboggle.
#degrassi #event #spinner #shaboggle #shlaboogle
by xocyndirellaox June 20, 2008
Shlaboggle: A word that is said when one sees a guy/girl that one would like to immediately fuck.

Sexy French man walks by a group of girls.
Girl that sees him first says, "Shlaboggle."
The other girls may look and agree/disagree.
If someone disagrees, the words, "No shlaboggle" may be said.
#sexy #dayum #fine #dibs #worthy
by Shlaboggle Queen July 06, 2008
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