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Mixing a drink with the finger that has just been up your own or someone else's butthole
Don't worry about yo drank. I gave a a swish wit my shizzle stick
by Mikball May 10, 2014
Another term for "shit" or "damn"
"Dude you forgot your wallet" ..... "Ohhh shizzlesticks!"
by Hannah11 July 01, 2006
Stems off of the word "shizzles!" which is an exclamatory remark one makes when annoyed or upset.
Zoey: "oh shizzle sticks, I completely forgot the Science Test was today!"

Louis: "Shizzle Sticks motha fucka!"
by fpsdoodle January 24, 2009
shizzles and fiddlesticks combined; a word that replaces an expletive like sh** or f*** that normally expresses anger, frustration, pain, etc.; meant to be used around small children so they won't pick up cussing from you
guy (drops can on foot): f****** christ!
child (laughing): f****** christ!
girl: look what you've done! you should have said shizzlesticks
guy (in pain): that takes too long to say!
by jozstone October 14, 2008
A Man's Appendage sticking out from the pelvic region, Usually used to stab into a woman's crotch area, See Vagina.
"Aww man, I 'tought she was giving me head but she bit off part uf my shizzle stick yo!"
by WhiteTrashFinatic May 25, 2005
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