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Another term for "shit" or "damn"
"Dude you forgot your wallet" ..... "Ohhh shizzlesticks!"
by Hannah11 July 01, 2006
Mixing a drink with the finger that has just been up your own or someone else's butthole
Don't worry about yo drank. I gave a a swish wit my shizzle stick
by Mikball May 10, 2014
Stems off of the word "shizzles!" which is an exclamatory remark one makes when annoyed or upset.
Zoey: "oh shizzle sticks, I completely forgot the Science Test was today!"

Louis: "Shizzle Sticks motha fucka!"
by fpsdoodle January 24, 2009
a verbal saying, a curse
Oh Shizzlesticks!! I dropped my spoon.
by 8Loki26 May 21, 2009
shizzles and fiddlesticks combined; a word that replaces an expletive like sh** or f*** that normally expresses anger, frustration, pain, etc.; meant to be used around small children so they won't pick up cussing from you
guy (drops can on foot): f****** christ!
child (laughing): f****** christ!
girl: look what you've done! you should have said shizzlesticks
guy (in pain): that takes too long to say!
by jozstone October 14, 2008
A Man's Appendage sticking out from the pelvic region, Usually used to stab into a woman's crotch area, See Vagina.
"Aww man, I 'tought she was giving me head but she bit off part uf my shizzle stick yo!"
by WhiteTrashFinatic May 25, 2005